fables inspired

I am a voracious reader.So much that I have to have a book to read at all times.And if i dont, it feels like something is missing.Today I might have graduated to the likes of Michael Chrichton,Sidney Sheldon or Mario Puzo but as a kid my love and hunger for stories was fed by fables and fairy tales. These books which made my childhood so colourful with the stories and the illustrations in them are still vivid in my memories. I always wanted to make an art piece which is inspired from the illustrations in fables or story books like jack and the beanstalk or hansel and gretel.

This art piece of mine is an ode to these memories and the lovely illustrations in them.Tried to recreate the fable illustrations look with my own story which is self narrative when you look at the picture.Its a story of a little girl trying to save her frightened kitty perched on a tree.

Tried to make the entire art piece with colours normally used in such illustrations.The sky blue ,lemon yellow,and bamboo green give that sunny day and a perfect lawn and clear skies effect to my story. And the tree is made inspired from the patterns used in such fable story illustrations with the brown,green,red giving that lovely effect.

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