butterfly in the bushes

Make an art piece with the butterfly settled on a bunch of flowers.Check.While I keep checking up my “Things to do” list and you enjoy my work, I request you; all of the people who have taken an interest in my work to take time and answer the poll below the images of the art-piece that interests you.It would mean a lot.

Now that the necessities are done, lets get back to the art piece.This one has a bunch of flowers facing all directions and a beautiful butterfly settling on it.These flowers are dramatic and stylish and add to the overall beauty of the design and are inspired from tiny flowers that grow in my backyard and are not even half a centimeter in diameter. I am in love with this design.Now I know what is love at 1st sight.:)

Heres another image of the same with sunlight playing on it:

Another with different light settings.Love the pinkish tinge on the butterfly.

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