give me oil in my lamp

with christmas round the corner and festivity in the air its time to decorate your home and welcome christmas with flair. Want to do something traditional or easy?Want to do something classy?Want a diy?Well your answer is here.

How to make a Christmas lantern:
1.Just get a basic thick paper.Coloured ones if you prefer.They will add a nice colour to the ambience.
2. draw the patterns you need on the back of the sheet.Keep it simple here.Simple shapes look classy when lit in a dark room and fill the room with patterns.
3.Simply cut these with an xacto knife. You will get them in any stationary store. 
4.Now fold the sheet into a cylinder if u prefer or a cube.Now you may fix an led light in it or a lamp that you have at home.

Make many and you can string them.Make this christmas get together magical.

Heres my christmas lantern.





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