In the eye of a storm

“The bedouin” as the ship is lovingly called due to its nomadic nature was journeying into deceptively smooth and calm seas and suddenly all the deception was unmasked when it found itself in turbulent waters.This art piece depicts that moment when the first wave of turbulent waters decide to play with the ship.


In this artpiece tried to show it encased in an egg shaped case something like a snow globe. The straight and tall standing mast shows the ship is halfway in calm seas and the turbulent waters and the sails filled with wind shows the storm that is trying to toss the ship around.

The ship is not of my own design but the concept and the rest is.

2 thoughts on “In the eye of a storm

  1. i.beliv evry1s life also goes thru similar standin tall amidst all d probs makes d futur bettr…tho ur design s impeccabl..d hiddn thot s more endearin..bravo..brilliant job

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