awake from stupour



Yes its time again for another story.A story about a princess.Who doesnt love stories about  princesses I say.And here I get this privilege to be a storyteller through my paper cuttings.Never thought this is what I would be when I grow up but I would like to characterize myself as that mysterious, beautiful woman whom you would meet when you embark on travels to distant lands and when tiredness consumes you and you need a place to recover and refresh ,you come across an oasis where you drink sweet water and devour food that seems fit for the gods and are entertained with stories of strange lands and people.Stories that are food for thought.Stories that inspire.Or just stories that make you forget your worldly tiredness . One such story is the story of Cellizza.

After days of nothingness but still in a way you can say days of completeness because there was no need . The need to  express. And try as I might only nothingness was born out of it. But one such day when one expects the routine , boom out of nowhere in that lazy state when  sleep and wakefullness meet and merge , i enter the world of desires the world of dreams and I meet Celliza.Cellizza the little bud who you know will grow into a heart-achingly beautiful flower. And what stands out about her is her innocence and beauty and the goodness within her that radiates around her and attracts everyone to her. Just like the little birdie who could not but meet her.And they meet everyday  to share the secrets of the world that are far and beyond Cellizza’s gaze and which she longs to set her eyes upon.

And when there is such beauty , pain is that which adds depth and character and mystery to it . Pain which makes one strong and wills you to do more good in the world.Yes that is Celliza for you ,all the goodness caged and hoisted in a tower like a beacon to the world.But untouched and unreachable ,caged in a prison of luxury ,in a tower of stones ;smothered by love of her father whom she must obey. But deep in her heart she yearns to break away into the flight of freedom,the flight into wilderness where she must find her own way,herself ,her own people and on her journey to find her purpose in life,her journey to explore the world.

2 thoughts on “awake from stupour

  1. Great…the words motivates to listen more of the story and princess ***Zilla!!
    Nice sketch. Takes us to fairy stories mood!!!
    And welcome back fabler:)

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