twilight years

This art-piece is about that perfect moment of contentment and peace.Peace with oneself and peace with the world and its ways. This story is about the that moment in one’s life that one hopes to achieve in thier old age, ‘hopes to achieve’  bacause the feeling of contentment is very elusive and inspite of living an entire lifetime in pursuit of state of contentment one can be nowhere near it. Only when one attains the wise age does one realize contentment is not in the pursuit but in the moment. And contentment is right here in this art where an old grandpa spends time with his grandson in the park as he watches the moments pass slowly while he savours each one of them. Content with life where he knows he has done by his duty to everyone he loves,content and thankful for the beautiful evening ,content in sitting by his grandson and trying to satiate his curious grandson with his answers,knowing that his grandson will soon find his answers himself just like he had once done.

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