My first customer

My 1st art piece which has found a new home to grace! A walk to remember post of mine which is a  memory of the love shared between a couple…and which is a memory which touched the heart of another couple in love so much so that they knew they wanted to treasure this memory in the form of a painting . This proud painting which will now grace the walls of thier love nest is here for your eyes.

You can now adopt one of my various designs that interest you and let it grace your  home. All you need to do is contact us at with your wish.

We can also include a personalised messaging that will touch the heart of the person you are gifting:)

2 thoughts on “My first customer

  1. Ms. Shruthy
    can we have some more works of you, on Romance or Love. i would love them. Maybe then decide to buy.. framed ones would be better.
    Do you design cards? i mean wedding cards. i am a catholic and want a good design pattern Wedding card.

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