The purdah

Woman is a nurturer.She is soft and sweet.That is how nature designed her, so that she can do the nurturing.That is the packaging, all “icing and sugar”.But there is power packed dynamite inside.She can be tough and hard when the occasion demands. And this is not an un-womanly trait.Nor is it a manly trait.It is part of the package too.Just like a  woman can bear the pain required to give birth,she can bear much more to save what is dear to her.And instances of this are not few.But it is a man’s world and men choose to disregard and de-value it. By telling a woman she has to live behind walls because men cant be controlled.By telling a woman her place is in the house and she has no business  in the world outside.What they lose is the chance that the same woman can change their lives, by her grit, determination and strength. The same woman can out-do other men with her wits and intelligence.A woman can bring light in your life. No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden. Instead put it on a stand, so that others may benefit from this light.

In the above gallery you will see my art-piece in the making. It starts with the lattice window and then the woman comes into the picture ,gazing out at the world that she can see only through the lattice,living her life in the shadows.

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