wedding invite

I have always wanted to design a wedding invite and finally I set myself to the task.  Wedding invites in India are normally chosen by the parents of the bride or bridegroom and are distributed among relatives of whom many will be of the older generation. That is why traditional invites work the best as they are considered apt.

A traditional wedding invite features the Lord Ganesh/Ganapati as he is the remover of all obstacles. All auspicious beginnings are started with his name and asking for his blessings. And as usual the cards have gold paired with deep warm hues which makes one think of all the kanjeevaram silk saree color combinations. Inshort a traditional card for me is ganapati, maroon and gold colors.

But normal weddings invites almost look from a template in most cases unless one opts for a customised wedding card designer. Here is my attempt at designing a wedding invite which does not look like its from a template but at the same time sticks to the original features that are sought out in a wedding invite.

I have opted for a marron-marigold combination instead of the usual maroon -gold as the orange is a warm hue and also the color used on auspicious occasions. Its the color of the sun, color of the marigold .

In form , the card also has an unique shape with Lord Ganeshas head based on a simple spiral and his belly in the shape in symbolical shape of the marigold flower.  This card can be both cut to shape or can be printed in the normal rectangular format.










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