wistful mermaid

Meet Sephyre the mermaid…she came in my dreams as a flash of obscure images…sometimes her hair the wind playing with it , sometimes her tail shimmery and shining turquoise blue …sometimes gazing at the beautiful sunset , the sunrays on her glistening wet back and tail and sometimes her poise wistfully gazing at the horizon …gazing at the land and wondering how life might be..knowing she might never make it to land and see a different world but still longing for what might be.And so here is Sephyre meeting the world through this blog. What striked me is her sensuality which is evident even when all I could see was her back in my dreams. And here is my paper cutting where I have caught the memory of her in my frame. Sephyre the exotic wistful sensual mermaid:

Here is Sephyre gazing at the golden sunset:

While experimenting with paper cutting and trying ways to make a fish tail look realistic I used this technique which I will call “fish scaling” for reference. I have used “fish acaling ” in the above images. It just takes the image to a different level with such details.

Also love the designs which form the frame around the mermaid which we can refer as “banyan branching” because they look like banyan tree branches. They too add a touch of exoticity to the image.

6 thoughts on “wistful mermaid

  1. and nw..dats wat i call…a dreamy piece.of.art…jus magnificent…
    and d words..jus brot me closer to sephyre…
    one of ur best ever..

  2. Good wrk Shruti…
    From Itchy Hands’ Fish to WISTFUL MERMAID, your art is being masterful!!!

    You have raised your benchmark…

    Nice representation though.
    Especially the words here illuminates the art!!!

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