Any guesses?

For all the people who have taken an interest in my blog I think its time we interacted. I post my stuff you like my stuff but hardly do we share our views and interests. I for one would love to hear from you.As we all are art lovers I would love to hear your views.Your comments and suggestions on how i can improve the art or blog or what other things you think I can try are welcome.I would also love to know your opinion on the poll under any artpiece you like. To give way to this interaction lets start with something fun.This fun activity is called NAME THIS ARTPIECE. Guess what the art piece depicts and name it.You can come up with any kind of name be it funny,symbolic or anything as long as it fits the theme you think the art piece describes.Looking forward to all your comments and all the fun that we gonna have together.The best name for the piece can be chosen unanimously between us.So gear up guys! Here is the artpiece


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