Being santa

Its christmas time and like every year we have this event at office where you get assigned a colleague randomly for whom you get to be the santa. And this person is called the angel.The santa is anonymous for the angel and is disclosed only at the end of week in this case 21dec.This means a week full of teasing and guessing where the santa gets to leave little notes and gifts for the angel.Now this is fun and you get to play pranks and in my case use your creativity. This time i get to be the santa for a female colleague who is into art herself and its a pleasure to see her cubicle adorned with her art. Since this event is a week long event concluding this friday i started off today with a note to my angel saying: “please keep cookies and milk for me and i will be giving you a visit with loads of gifts soon” Now that must have started her guessing as to who exactly is her santa. After this my next teaser is gonna be an envelope packed with the seasons cheers and snow to get her into the christmas mood. Here is a pic of it:


This is an handmade envelope made by me with a three petalled flower and some glitter. And here are the snowflakes ready to be fed exed:-P


After this is my next gift planned for post lunch tomorrow which in the true spirit of christmas is gifting someone what they need. I decided as an artist she will love this pack of glitter colours which can be used in her art stuff. Heres a snap of it gift wrapped by me innovatively in a net wrapping with golden ribbon and a huge flower made from net wrapping.



As the week progresses I will be coming up with more treats for my angel. you must be planning for gifts and innovative gift wrapping ideas this christmas i hope my above ideas help you wrap your gifts in style.

One thought on “Being santa

  1. wish for to get a santa like u 🙂
    very creativ n touchin !!
    may happiness spread arnd wid ur creativity n talent

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